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Kenpo Kwai International

Grading Syllabus Example

White grade Earth level

Minimum of 16 Hours training time required and pre-test

  • Physical warm up, fitness. [Tai-iku-ho].
  • Follow all instructions of instructor and panel.
  • Ukemi all break falls. Demonstrate to Joseki [the panel of judges] that you can fall without injury, from a number of directions and throws.
  • Kenseikai Sword saint school a reverent name given to the greatest swordsman who ever lived Miyomoto Musashi born in Japan in the feudal era author of the world famous Go Rin No Sho [The book of five rings, the philosophy behind Kenpo].
  • Japanese Terminology Counting to ten in Japanese; Ichi=1,Ni=2,San=3,Shi=4,Go=5,Roku=6,Shichi=7,Hachi=8,Ku=9,Ju=10.
  • Soke [Founder of style 10th Degree blackbelt the highest grade achievable in martial arts]
  • Sensei, [Teacher], not all blackbelts are necessary ‘teachers’ but should be addressed as ‘Sensei’ at all times while in the Dojo.
  • The Dojo, is the training hall that you practice Kenpo in, regarded as a holy and spiritual place, and a small piece of Japan, there is no drinking, eating, or swearing, or unruly, disrespectful, behaviour in the Dojo. The martial arts are without ego. Jigaro Kano the founder of Judo, whose Martial arts school was called the Kodokan, stated that the Dojo is similar to a cathedral, a place of spiritual enlightenment.
  • Seiza, to kneel and sit on heels.
  • Keoki-Gi, the full Japanese name, for the pyjama type uniform worn in most Japanese martial arts.
  • Obi, Japanese for belt.
  • ‘Rei’ [Japanese greeting, to bow from the waist],
  • ‘Hajime’ [instruction to start competition],
  • ‘Matte’ [instruction to stop competition].
  • Zori, [slippers worn in Dojo].
  • Tori; The executor of the technique.
  • Uki; The person being demonstrated on.
  • Blocks; Uchi Ude Uke, [Inner to outer block]
  • Blocks; Soto Ude Uke. [Outer to inner block]
  • Strikes; Choku Tsuki, [Straight punch feet together],
  • Strikes; Gyaku Tsuki [reverse punch from stance].
  • Strikes; Jodan Empi Uchi, [forward elbow strikes to the Head,]
  • Strikes; Chudan Empi Uchi, [forward elbow strikes to the Stomach]
  • Strikes; Ushiro Empi Uchi. [Reverse elbow strikes to the stomach and head, from being held and being free]
  • Kicks; Mae-Geri, [forward snap kick]
  • Kicks; Ushiro-Geri, [rear ‘Mule kick’]
  • Tachi-Waza. [Tachi Standing, Waza techniques].
    • Osoto Gari, [Major outer reaping]
    • Ko-soto-gari, [Minor outer reaping]
    • O-Goshi Major hip throw. [Ko means ‘minor or small’ O- means major or big].
  • Newaza, [Ground work];
    • Kesa-Gatame, [Scarf hold]
    • Kata-Katame [Shoulder hold]
    • Yoko-Shiho-Gatame, side-four-quarters pin down.
    • Judo Newaza, Competition minimum three bouts.
  • Three against One [Ninen Dori], three people attacking [open palm strikes].

This grading will take approximately one and a half hours.